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Building a business requires hard work, dedication, a willingness to take risks and a commitment to employees, customers and vendors alike – challenges that successful entrepreneurs embrace.  However, when the time approaches to reap the rewards for decades of hard work, many owners are unprepared.  While the process of determining when, how and to whom to sell the company is among the most difficult decisions for an owner, it is also among the most important.

Glaucon recognizes that a client has a unique set of priorities in connection with an upcoming sale. As a result, Glaucon takes the time to understand each client’s business and then designs a sales strategy that is specifically tailored to accentuate the strengths of that business.  We work to identify buyers (strategic as well as financial) willing to offer both an attractive valuation, as well as fulfill the owner’s other priorities (e.g., preservation of management jobs, family legacy, etc.).

While Glaucon’s official role ends with the successful completion of the sale, we pride ourselves in our ongoing relationships with owners we have served.  We therefore value the opportunity to remain in close contact with each client following the closing of their sale.

If an owner does elect to sell their business, we are prepared to “roll up our sleeves” and invest the time necessary to design a sales process that delivers the owner’s desired outcome (both sales price and other priorities of the owner – i.e., preservation of management jobs, family legacy, etc.).   

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We recognize each client’s unique set of priorities with the acquisition or sale of a business.

Pharmacy Automation Co.

Acquired by Publicly-Traded Co.

Plastics Manufacturing Co.
$40 Million

Acquired by Private Co.

Landscape Materials Wholesale Co.

Acquired by Publicly Traded Co.

Concrete Construction Co.
$85 Million

Acquired by Publicly Traded Co.

Steel Fabrication Co.
$62 Million

Acquired by Private Co.

Automotive Accessories Co.
$18 Million

Acquired by Private Equity Group

Crew & Supply Boat Co.
$60 Million Debt Financing

Financial Advisory Engagement

Industrial Services Co.
$24 Million

Acquired by Private Equity Group

Agricultural Equipment Dealer
$25 Million

Subordinated Debt

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Due Diligence

Conduct a thorough due diligence process to assess the company’s strengths and challenges and provide advice on steps that can be taken to mitigate these challenges.



Establish a target valuation for the company.


Prepare Offer

Prepare offering materials and coordinate comments received from the company’s legal and accounting advisors.


Select Prospects

Work with the company to select the list of prospective purchasers and approach those targeted firms.


Auction Environment

Create an “auction environment” while limiting the number of prospective purchasers.


Negotiate Purchase

Negotiate with prospective purchasers, culminating in the execution of a letter of intent.


Purchaser Due Diligence

Coordinate the purchaser’s due diligence process and work closely with the company’s legal and accounting advisors.


Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Services for Buyers

Companies wishing to accelerate their rate of growth and/or move into new markets have opportunities to acquire other businesses.  Similarly, members of a company’s senior management team are often the logical buyers of a company they currently run day-to-day.  While, under either scenario, the outcome can be positive, the process of completing an acquisition can be time-consuming and complex.  Moreover, closing an acquisition transaction may necessitate outside debt and/or equity financing. Glaucon understands the steps needed to complete the acquisition, has the experience to assist a buyer to navigate the acquisition process and possesses the debt and equity placement expertise needed to complete any required financing.

Senior Debt & Subordinated Debt Financing

Companies frequently require access to senior debt and/or subordinated debt capital to finance operations, fund growth, complete acquisitions or recalibrate an existing capital structure.  While companies typically maintain existing relationships with one or more commercial banks and may have access to a limited list of other financing sources, Glaucon has extensive experience in the placement of senior debt and subordinated debt across a wide range of industries.

In order to optimize the outcome of a client’s transaction, Glaucon maintains a diverse, nationwide network of capital providers covering the entire financing spectrum.  These capital providers include:

  • Commercial Banks and Finance Companies
  • Institutional Investment Funds
  • Insurance Companies
  • Subordinated Debt Funds

Depending on the client’s specific requirements, we will raise funds from more than one category of capital provider to construct the financing that best satisfies the client’s particular objectives

Publicly Traded Energy Co.
$950 Million

Senior Debt

Food Processing Co.
$45 Million

Senior Debt

Agricultural Equipment Dealer
$25 Million

Subordinated Debt

Publicly Traded Propane Co.
$70 Million

Senior Debt

Midstream Energy Co.
$150 Million

Senior Debt

Fast Food Chain Franchisee
$16 Million

Senior Debt

Equipment Leasing Co.
$100 Million

Debt Securitization

Food Processing Co.
$45 Million

Senior Debt

Specialty Packaging Co.
$32 Million

Senior Debt Private Equity

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Equity Placement Services

Under some circumstances – such as one partner’s purchase of the equity ownership of another partner or the need for a company to receive an infusion of capital to fund growth or pay a distribution to shareholders – a company may elect to raise private equity capital from one or more institutional investors.  While this type of transaction may be unfamiliar to many business owners, Glaucon has decades of experience in working with clients to complete equity placements.

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