Glaucon delivers the highest quality level of service by focusing our time and talents on:

– Debt and equity capital placement to support a client’s funding requirements; and

– Acting as sell-side M&A advisers with the goal of unlocking the true equity value of our clients’ businesses.


M&A Sell-Side Advisory Engagements

Glaucon works with corporate owners to ensure that the transaction accomplishes the following goals:

  • Maximizes the all-in cash proceeds to the owner, (net of taxes, transaction-related costs and the repayment of existing debt);
  • Minimizes the ongoing personal liability to the new owners;
  • Protects, to the greatest extent possible, the owner’s employees, customers and vendors;
  • Transfers ownership to a buyer who will respect the company’s legacy and work to see the company grow and prosper; and
  • Achieves all of the above without disrupting the company’s operations or employee morale while the sales process is ongoing.

We understand and respect these objectives and so work diligently to tailor a sales strategy that will generate the most favorable outcome available to the selling shareholder in the market. In some instances, the objectives of the seller are most completely met by presenting the transaction to a large number of strategic as well as financial buyers in order to create a broad competitive auction environment. In other instances a more “low-key”, carefully targeted approach – one focused on a specific type of prospective buyer while also maintaining the competitive bidding environment may be the preferred course.